Kostel Sv. Jiří
Church of St George

Prague 1 - Hradčany




          (cm) (in) (kg) (˘-qt-lb)    

  Bell   1550 Tomáš Jaroš 70.1 27.6     E(2)  
- Until 1974 hung in the south (right) tower, after which it was hung in a restaurant.  From 1983 it was exhibited in the basement of the Powder Tower.
  Bell   1558             Fate unknown
  Bell   1558             Fate unknown
  Bell   1749 Jan Henn           Recast 1756
  Recast to:   1756 Jan Jiří Kühner of Small Town, Prague           Requisitioned WWI
  Bell   1749 Jan Henn 52 20.5       Transferred to the church of
Radošovich in Vlašimi.
Broke 1862. Recast 1863.
  Bell   1753             Requisitioned WWI
- In 1827 the bell wasn't hung but standing on the floor of the church.            
  Bell Ludmila 1883 Josef Diepoldt (Diepold) of Old Town, Prague 49 19.3       Requisitioned WWI
Lantern tower Bell       30 11.8       Requisitioned WWI
- Hung in an open gable in the lantern tower on the roof of the church            
South (right) tower Bell Ludmila 1938 Rudolf Perner of Českie Budějovice 83 32.7 336 6-2-12 B(1) Requisitioned WWII
South (right) tower Bell Vojtěch 1938 Rudolf Perner of Českie Budějovice 74 29.1 252 4-3-23 C sharp (2) Requisitioned WWII